Slats, Sheetrock, Plaster – Oh My!

We are at it again – trying desperately to design our future home in the woods. The whole Mars & Venus miscommunication took place just this past weekend over a simple little request. Tim: Now we need to think coverings. What type of walls, floors, etc. do we want? Me: I like the color blue.Continue reading “Slats, Sheetrock, Plaster – Oh My!”

Step-Parenting: The Furry Edition

I have an awful habit of filling a void in my life with animals. Break-up from my college boyfriend? I bought a Siberian Husky. Divorced? Buy a cat. Get married? Get rid of cat. Find yourself divorced again? Buy two cats. And so on and so forth. Speaking of the two cats… that’s them. SalvatoreContinue reading “Step-Parenting: The Furry Edition”

Plans Versus Elements: Battle of the Sexes

It goes a little something like this: Tim: Hey, Nicole. Send me some examples of floor plans that you like. Nicole: Okay. But remember, all that is important to me is just a few things: a BIG closet, a nice bathroom, a BIG kitchen, and good outdoor entertaining space. Tim: Just send me some examples.Continue reading “Plans Versus Elements: Battle of the Sexes”