Peace On The Other Side of Disappointment

There is so much power in waking up feeling peaceful. I feel that so much more than I ever have before. It took 43 years to get to that point, but it came. The lesson here? Never, ever give up. I was looking around the other day and I began taking inventory of my life.Continue reading “Peace On The Other Side of Disappointment”

An Offer We Hope They Don’t Refuse

Week 10. Well this is exciting news! We made a decision on the housing situation. We made an offer on what we think is the perfect (next to last home) for us! The decision now is to purchase a home in Americus, live there until we are ready to retire, and our passion project willContinue reading “An Offer We Hope They Don’t Refuse”

I – Am the only thing that is missing.

One of things that is most difficult about transitioning is learning how not to lose yourself in the process. I’m about to enter 9 weeks into my new life, and from time to time, I need to stop and refocus. Since day 1, we have been trying to get a house built. And it willContinue reading “I – Am the only thing that is missing.”