An Offer We Hope They Don’t Refuse

Week 10.

Well this is exciting news! We made a decision on the housing situation. We made an offer on what we think is the perfect (next to last home) for us! The decision now is to purchase a home in Americus, live there until we are ready to retire, and our passion project will be a smaller version of the house we designed and have it built on his property.

There you have it.

And we made an offer. An offer we hope the couple won’t refuse.


That’s the view out of the front door. It’s a 2,300 sq foot home in a subdivision called Wolf Creek, and the house is located right across the street from the Winery, Wolf Creek Plantation.

Yes, my dear, a winery next door. I may very well be dreaming.


The house is a cabin. But very much modernized. Beautiful wood, hardwood floors, and a tin roof to top it all off. It has a view of the vineyard and a beautiful lake. You really can’t see any home from the property, and it is on over 3 acres.

There are over 30 azaleas, a green house, Japanese maples, and a not-too-long-ago tilled garden spot.

The green house is right across from the pond and a portion of the vineyard. The driveway is private and well landscaped and actually brings you to the back of the house.

Jasmine growing up the sides of the trellised carport leads to a nicely paved party-patio that is hidden from the road. (Can we say outdoor entertaining?)


Speaking of outdoor entertaining.. there was a ready made fire pit in the yard. Yes, yes, yes. Add a few Adirondack chairs and we will be in business!

And a kitchen that I think I can work with. (We plan to update the cabinets and counters. Easy fix. IStousra1gqm2s0000000000

With all of that being said, we hope the family accepts the offer. If all goes according to plan (and sure, there will be some negotiations.. as expected,) our hope would be to close after Labor Day.

No more storage unit. No more small cabin living. And I would have a 5 minute commute to work.

Not too shabby, eh?

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