Nesting and Super Hero Cake Toppers


Can we just start there. Seriously, O-M-G. Calling on the good Lord above! I am stretched about as thin (if only!) I can possibly be. Between a bazillion festivals/events, family stuff, wedding planning, and.. and.. I’m really, really tired. Did I mention a cold? Car breaking down? AT&T sticking it to us?

Oh September… you naughty, naughty minx. You are truly back.

Okay, okay – a LOT happened within a very tight time frame. BUT.. in classic Nicole fashion, I got it all under control in about 3 weeks time. It took a little bit of biting and clawing, but all is right in the world.

  1. When things get hectic, my immune system breaks down. (Hello?!Meningitis 3 times!) In classic form, allergy season (for me at least) tried to take me down. I woke up with a burning throat. Every time I tried to swallow, it felt like shards of glass. Then there was the fatigue and constant sneezing. Just when I thought it was all over for me, right in the middle of festival season down here, I turned to my little friend Zinc. If I could profess my love to a vitamin, this would be THE one. I don’t know what it is about that little round, orange, melt-in-your-mouth, miracle pill – but Sweet Baby Jesus – I’m HEALED!
  2. Then there is the whole car scare. My dear little dependable Toyota Camry got sick too. She kept stalling. (I think she was as tired as I was!) I had to deal with the most unprofessional, worst dealership EVER in Albany, Georgia. I’m not just saying that because I am having a bad month (not week, not day – but month!) Never, ever, ever, ever take your car to Miracle Toyota. (Which seems to be the only Toyota dealership in the area.) That was a week-long nightmare, that, as far as I can tell (fingers crossed,) might have ended.
  3. Then AT&T. My sweet little AT&T. I loved my cell phone company and would defend it to the ends of the Earth. But my sweet little AT&T totally screwed up. I mean.. they screwed up big time. 6 attempts to fix a problem. Scenario: Tim decides to switch over to AT&T. So we add him to my account. He orders everything online and is told the phone is on the way. 2 weeks later – it never appeared. We call (and spend one hour on the phone) trying to find it. Ah.. they shipped it to my former address (which makes NO sense, since I JUST bought a phone from them and it was delivered just fine.) The phone was then simply returned to AT&T – no warning, no explanation. Nothing. Yet, I was being charged for it. Okay – we get another one shipped. (Now we are on try 3.) Comes, but with a different phone number. Again. Need his number to transfer. MORE time on the phone. About another hour. (not including the 45 minute delay in actually getting a live person on the phone.) Told us they would need to file another ticket and get technical support. They would call us back. Never. Now we are being charged for 3 lines – His, Mine – and this imaginary temp number. So we call back. Told they would make another ticket. Never a call. So we chat online – they say they fixed it. Yeah.. by deleting his phone completely. So I have to call back.. and on and on.. and on. Right now, we have his line back up, but they owe us about $100 – which has yet to be fixed. I. Just. Can’t.
  4. Did I mention we have 3 weekends in a row of festivals? Okay.. just checking.


But then.. there is the good stuff! I got the DJ booked. He’s coming from Macon and he will be playing the absolute coolest songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s (and some current stuff.) THIS will make all of the difference. I also booked my Pastor. It will be my very good friend, Tonya Parker!!! I’m so excited. We plan to have a small private ceremony at Tim’s church. Only family and a few close friends will be invited to this. I booked my hairstylist and makeup artist!! I bought a cake topper! It’s sooooooooo cute. It’s Super Man & Wonder Woman….. Needless to say, I am EXCITED!!! We booked the Presidential Suite at the Inn for that night (Yes, an ACTUAL Presidential Suite, as in Jimmy Carter’s special room) and we have the reception space. And yes, I have ordered the invitations and created a wedding page for us. Check us out at The Knot .

Still got a LOOOOOOOOOONG way to go, but with only a few months in between, it’s nice to knock a few big things out-of-the-way. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can afford any of the wedding photographers I wish I could get. I am surrounded by incredibly talented friends, who, in their own right, are highly successful photographers. However, I can’t possibly talk Tim into hiring them. I’ve tried. But they are all (and many are close friends) are at a minimum $2,300 – and he said he would rather have a fantastic honeymoon. Obviously, that’s the most logical choice. I guess I will just have to get creative with this idea. I’ll figure it out… I always do.

And a dress? Oh just shoot me now. I don’t have my “people” down here. My girls. My sounding board. I’m winging it alone, and I have no idea where to go or what to do. There are zero bridal shops in Sumter County (as far as I can tell.) I’ll have to go outside of here and I am simply lost. I just want an evening gown in midnight or navy blue. Argh!

As for nesting, I finally did it – I’m slowly but surely turning that bachelor’s pad of a pond cabin into a beautiful fall retreat. (Unfortunately all of my things are still in storage in Macon.) I’m adding little touches here and there and have the perfect excuse – our upcoming Lumber Jack themed Engagement Party. (We’re on a timber farm.. just go with it!)

Luckily Fall is upon us and I believe I am in the perfect place to enjoy that!

Until next time!

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