Wake Me When September Ends


Okay, okay. So the month actually ended. And yes, I complained and whined about it. I know everyone around me is so happy it is October and now my upswing will begin.

In my last post, I shared all of the crazy things that happened. This post, I will share the highlights.

14238241_10154483127569929_2274346097796631047_nThe month started off with us celebrating Karen-Ann’s 14th Birthday! Tim’s youngest is in the 8th grade and is growing up soooo fast! Drop dead gorgeous – she is super tall, recently lost 40 pounds (yes! She went low carb,) and wants to one day attend a Paul Mitchell School where she will learn to the be the best stylist ever! She’s funky and creative… and with all of that being said, the girl chose IHOP as her birthday choice. (Obviously, when you are going as carb free as possible, on your cheat day, pancakes are in order!)

Her entire extended family was there: Tim, his mom & I. Her sisters & niece. Her cousin & her Dad, and her mom’s group. I ended up buying professional makeup brushes for her. Dropped a pretty penny on those, and I hope she is enjoying using them!

14362660_10154491912539929_4505619788581951598_oThe very next day I left for Atlanta to attend the Georgia Governor’s Tourism Conference. Learned a ton and met a handful of people I might see again soon. Get this! I got nominated for Vice President for the Presidential Pathways region. (Georgia is divided into tourism regions!) Not too shabby – and it looks like they are going to appoint me!


14359184_10154500104694929_2403946619452497051_n-1Then the very day I got back to Americus, we had three days of The Ride Home – a POW/MIA event that honors and remembers all of the military personnel that were official POWS and MIAs. The National POW Museum is in Andersonville, so naturally we are the home front for that.

14440713_10154517515399929_1681165119207822685_nThe very next week we celebrated the Taste of Sumter in Americus. Over 20 locally owned restaurants came out and showcased their food for several hundred people! Good food, good music, and lots of great people. You know, I’ve only been here 4 months – yet, as I was walking down the street at this event (alone,) I never felt alone. Every few feet, someone was waving and yelling, “Hey Nicole!” So.. that’s what it means to live in a small town. Not too bad

Just the next day, Tim & I attended the National Peanut Sponsor dinner for the Plains Peanut Festival. And who did we get to hob-knob with?

None other than…

14500728_10154531230419929_5987056697063446429_oThat’s right – we met Rosalyn and former President Jimmy Carter. (Don’t forget, he always was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.) Yep… all in a day’s work.

14484638_10154522443694929_5985422700670854834_nThe next day we attended the actual Plains Peanut Festival! GREAT event. I got to “work” President Carter’s book signing. Basically it was me and about 6 Secret Service guys and a few main volunteers at Jimmy’s table. Again – I love my job!


14492391_10154535130159929_8213957566022725389_nAnd then the following Wednesday we all headed to Albany to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate Alex’s 15th Birthday. Tim’s biological oldest is now in the 9th grade. She is the smarty pants in the family – super smart, super witty, and man oh man – she is going to set the world on fire!

14500588_10154542978784929_8575049715028528063_oWhich brings me to this weekend – the first weekend in October. I am working the 40th Annual Andersonville Historic Fair!


Am I busy? Maybe just a little!

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