Looking Toward The New Year

Maybe I am getting way ahead of myself, but I am chomping at the bit to move onto 2017. Year sevens have always been super fantastic years for me- even as far back as I can remember!

In 1977, I was a small little girl of 4. I was entering Kindergarten and if my memory serves me right, it was a fantastic time to be alive. I gained a little sister, we lived in a fantastic house on Pineworth Road in Macon, I had a social life (lol – I was an only child up until this time, and I finally entered school!) My favorites included: Mickey Mouse, the color pink, the number 4, and the Grease Soundtrack. Life was good.

Then by 1987, I was a freshman in high school! I felt like the bell of the ball at Southwest High School. My friends and I were thrilled to be official teenagers and life was full of fun classes, socializing by The Wall, and hanging out at each other’s homes. I had my first official “relationships” and life was nothing but a blank canvas to paint the perfect pictures! I had accomplished many of my goals at this point: I wanted to go on Pointe, and I did. I was getting great roles in local children’s theater, and I had decided I wanted to be a writer/journalist. Life was good. 87 was a new year and I had conquered the bullies, conquered the awkward kid phase, and was entering a whole new life!

Then 1997 was even better! I had just graduated from Georgia College & State University with my Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. I landed a job as the Midday and 5pm producer at the #1 CBS affiliate in the nation! I was single, and living the perfect single life! Martinis, dancing on the weekends, random dates, my own little studio in downtown… Life was another adventure to conquer!

Then there was 2007.

A new beginning. Ending one really long relationship and heading into what I call my Eat, Pray, Love phase. Making good money, spending more time in hotels and airplanes that in my home. Hip, smart, successful friends and living an exciting life in Birmingham. I even got to meet a President. That was an awesome year!

And now we head into 2017. I will be getting married, going to Paris, and even buying a home! I am making new friends, have fantastic plans for the future.. and life.. Life is pure magic!


This my dears.. is what I am most thankful for. A full life with so much more in store!

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Tourism Director * Freelance Writer * Southern * Catholic * Crazy Cat Lady * Wonder Women * Coffee Addict * Traveler * Voracious Reader * Cultural Junkie * *GSD Mom*

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