A New Year Is Here


I have always held the New Year in high regard. It’s that one time of year that we reflect on our triumphs and mistakes, we are held accountable as to how we lived our lives, and we set goals for the coming days.

I’m goal oriented. I like to make a little list of things I hope to do, and over the years, I slowly check one off the list. Over time I have accomplished many wonderful goals. This year will be no different.

But we before I get into that, I need to go over those three things I just mentioned. My Triumphs & Mistakes- Not an easy task to conquer, but it is necessary to account for all of the good & bad. There was definitely a sense of balance with both. I gambled my future and I think I made the right choice. I left a job I loved in my hometown to move to a place where I knew very few people. I landed a fantastic job, got engaged, and I am now planning my future. That is definitely a triumph. My mistakes: handling people & their feelings without as much patience as I could have used. Letting stress and business dictate my level of energy. I have to remind myself in the coming year that boundaries are the key to my happiness. Always have been, always will be.

I was able to get healthier on the inside. My labs look phenomenal. You would think I was thin & trim! Which leads me to my next goal – trying to get the outside to mirror the inside. I am cancer free, diabetes free, and I have my high blood pressure and cholesterol and triglycerides completely within a very healthy range. My lifestyle changes paid off where it counts! I even chose a less invasive route with an old knee injury. I did physical therapy for weeks and I have healed my knee. I had my eyes examined and have glasses now. Overall – I am in good shape. Next up: Teeth & retake my sleep apnea test to see if I have cured myself of this also.

Again, I must hold myself accountable and take strides to forever  improve myself. I bought that camera I have been dreaming of, next up – classes! I have the space and desire to create a home fitness routine and have even employed a health coach. All is well on that front. I have a diet plan for the new year that is both healthy and delicious. Yes, things are looking up.

I will be getting married, traveling to Paris, and then coming back to find a forever home. More BIG plans are in store.

My faith is another thing I am working on. I am finding my way, even at 43. Figuring out how my beliefs have altered over the years. Figuring out how to make it make sense for me.

Today’s devotion was absolutely perfect for what I am experiencing in these last days of 2016. It reads: Embrace Your Destiny. (Are you doing that? And what does it actually mean?)

How often we search outside of ourselves for some elusive moment, for an experience like someone else is having, for an emotion we’d like to feel but aren’t, at least not right now? How often we long to be somewhere other than where we are, or someone other than who we are? How easy it can be to complain about and regret our past, thinking it’s somehow wrong?

The answer is to fall in love – fall in love with our own life. Our destiny isn’t some far-off moment or something that happens to someone else. Our destiny is taking place right now. It’s been happening all along.

Destiny is that mysterious force or energy that magically intertwines with choice, free will, and fate. Let all of those elements weave together and create your life. But know you can help to create it too, by falling in love with your own life. Love all the places you have gone and all the places you will go. Love the lessons you have learned and the way you have learned them.

Most of all, love where you are right now. Because that’s where your destiny lies.


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