A Year of….


Yes, yes, and more yes! It’s the year of Champagne! (Or at least that is how I plan to look at it!) 2017 is going to be the year of celebration: Celebrating life, love, and all that goes with it!

As many of you may remember, I give each year a theme to live by. Last year, I just knew in my bones it would be the year of transitions. I knew Tim was going to sell his home and officially move into the cabin, which would mean would move into the cabin eventually. I sort of figured we would get engaged (though it took 8 months! lol) and yes, I knew I would more than likely move down to Southwest Georgia and begin looking for a job. Boom & done! Transitions.

NOW… oh now. 2017 is full of good stuff! I’m going to kick off the year celebrating two of my very best guy friends: Bill & Scott! Not only will I be traveling to Macon to celebrate the New Year with them, I will be attending their very posh wedding! Talk about a fantastic New Year’s Eve! Then on New Year’s Day I will be celebrating the last night of Hanukkah with my very dear friend, Arielle. Just bring on the brisket, the latkes, and the dreidel!

Now back to the word Champagne….

I can’t exactly make my year about champagne. Well.. I could side trip it to the actual area of Champagne in February… but….

Okay.. I need another word. The official word to sprinkle into my daily mantra. How about….

(1 hour later…. )


Yes, it will be joy. When I got to thinking about champagne and happiness and celebration – it hit me, my life will be full of joy! I need to live with the intent to experience joy and make sure all who spend time with me walk away feeling joy.


What is your word going to be? I challenge each and every one of you to discover your word of the year and share it with us in the comment section or with your friends & family!

Have a joyous New Year, everyone! May 2017 bring you love & prosperity!


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