Back At It!

a68ab544125a454697993d467b0e3b57It’s not enough I have to plan a wedding, a dream honeymoon, and search for a home to buy, but I decided to try to get back on the wagon – The healthy wagon.

Granted, I’ve had some serious success over the past two years. I’m not talking about actual weight loss, but rather, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides were in a mess just a few short years ago. My doctor and I reworked the medication, I changed my diet, and I lowered my stress with some severe life style changes (like… well.. dropping toxic people from my life.) The proof is in the numbers – Everything went swimmingly.

Now… I’m going to go for the gold. I’m ready to get my outside to look more like my inside. I bought a fitness program that is literally kicking my butt. However, in just one week, that muscle memory is showing up and showing out. I was sitting on the couch and looked down at my calves and they were popping! Popping, I tell you! (But you have to remember, I’ve got about 17 years dance training on those calves.) But… there they were, just looking at me all strong and saying, “We’re here.”

I want the rest of me to do that.

I probably did more damn crunches than I have ever done in a lifetime – even with a personal trainer. (Which I have used in the past!) It felt good – and not only that, I had someone, rather 2 someones, right by my side. Tim & his daughter Karen-Ann. THAT is making a huge difference.

And honestly, this has nothing to do with looking good in a wedding dress or trying to get into a bikini anytime soon – this has to do with whether I feel strong. I want to feel strong.

I want my knees to ache and pop less, I want my ankles to quit swelling from having to carry excess weight, I want my skin to glow, and I want to feel less tired. That’s it. It is as simple as that.

But the process is not so simple…

SO what did I buy? I ended up getting Fe Fit.  Here is a little more about it:

Outside of the whole mom bit, the exercises are old school exercises that build strength. I can do it in a small space in 30 minutes and it works me very hard. I sort of laugh about the mom thing, but honestly, we have the kids on average of 3 -5 days a week. I work full-time, I have night-time work activities, I cook dinner for everyone, and then there is laundry. When was there time for me? There is not a lot of it. This seems to be a good stress reliever!

Our next goal, as a family, is to purchase bikes for each of us and get a bike rack and take up biking. We want to do this when we vacation, especially when we go down to our beach house, and even in other places. Plus, we live in the country and we have the perfect back roads to do it in.

Simple, small steps. Just another one of the bazillion projects I have brewing! What are YOU up to these days?

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