The Devil Is In The Expectation

We are often reminded to count our blessings, but how often do we take time to count our irrational expectations? The past few days I have been trying to figure out what brings me the most angst? Almost every single thing that came to mind always had some underlying expectation.  I could list a thousand differentContinue reading “The Devil Is In The Expectation”

Epic Honeymoon: Paris Edition

I remember back in 2007, I had a moment of distress. Here I was flying over Europe heading to Cairo, Egypt, realizing that I was heading somewhere else, somewhere other than Paris. As a child, my one little international dream was ALWAYS Paris. Granted, I have been extraordinarily fortunate to travel to places some people only dream of visiting.Continue reading “Epic Honeymoon: Paris Edition”

First Comes Love… Then Comes Marriage

We did it! We finally tied the knot! Yes, allow me to REintroduce myself – I am now Mrs. Kirksey. On Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 5:00pm – Tim & I gathered with our closest friends and family in Preston, Georgia (his hometown,) at Preston United Methodist Church. This was the church he grew upContinue reading “First Comes Love… Then Comes Marriage”