Juice Drop Out & Accepting Applications


It’s official. I’m a cleansing/detox/juicing drop out.


I honestly tried and I failed superbly. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone fail as well as I did. However, I am owning my short comings and focusing on a new goal.

My social life.

Here’s the thing, I am a really, really social creature. In Macon, in Birmingham, and everywhere else in between, I’ve always had a big, diverse circle of friends. I realize that I moved here and basically hit the ground running only a short while ago, however, this is the longest I have ever gone without creating a nice little social network. Usually by now I would have some new BFF and would be meeting up with friends for shopping, drinks, girl get-aways and the like.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what has transpired. Granted – I planned a wedding and took a big trip and help design our future home and a ton of other really big things. I’m not sure who is to fault here. Is it me? Or is it the community? Or is it just the state of things at 44 years old.

Who knows!?

However, I am not one to idly stand by and let life just swoosh by without at least putting a little effort in. Things can’t be that different in South Georgia.

I decided to pursue this new social circle the way I would a career: strategically and with direct intent. With that being said, I am accepting applications for friendship.


It’s open auditions and YOU could possible be my new favorite person.

Now WHY would you want to hang out with me? Well, I have lots of good qualities. Let’s see if I can drum up a few:


With it being summer time, I think this is a great asset. I have a pool and a lake. Even when we build in Plains, this is still staying in the family. You could join me on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, floating in the pool, gossiping and sipping margaritas. Or you could bring your fishing pole and get in one of the two boats. Okay… so maybe the outdoors aren’t your thing…


I do love a good margarita. I mentioned that one, right? We could meet up for a drink from time to time.


And bowling. I LOVE bowling. But I am TERRIBLE at it. I love to laugh at myself and this is the perfect place to do it. I know we have bowling in Albany and Columbus and SOON in Americus!


I’m a huge wine slushy girl! We could meet up at Wolf Creek Plantation and grab a cheese platter and sip some good local wine.


I mentioned I like wine… right? 😉 So a tee-totaler would not fit in very well with me. I don’t drink a lot, but one glass of wine ever so often is always fun!


I love to cook and to host friends. We live in a small cabin by a lake – and there is nothing better than whipping up something delicious to share!


I like to travel! Have passport – will travel. You HAVE to be up for something like this! (That’s me in Egypt.)


And that’s me in Paris.


Book store shopping is one of my favorite things to do with friends. Looking for that next great read to add to my collection is always much more fun to do with friends. Oh yeah, you have got to have a love of books. I can’t relate to non readers very well.


I’m really into taking selfies. For fun. Not for vanity’s sake. I have a handful of truly talented photographer friends and most of my circle back home are actual full time artists. Be camera ready!


And man oh man – do I love to throw a party! I’d expect you to attend!


Did I mention I love touring wineries? 😉


And I love a good campfire. Again – I live by a lake/pond at a cabin. This is a great way to spend a evening with me! Bring your significant other. We are looking for other couples to hang with also!


And Mexican food. OMG…. Want to meet up for dinner? Invite me out for Mexican.


And I am totally open to attending your special religious holiday celebrations.


Seriously…. I can go either way! I’m extremely fascinated by other cultures. My friend circle should reflect accordingly!


And I’m a big supporter of a wide variety of friends. I do NOT support racists, homophobes, or any other phobes. Except spiders. You can totally hate spiders.


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to grill. If you don’t like grilling…. then… then… I just can’t be friends with you.

And due to the nature of my job… sometimes you might get to meet some really important people. I can’t be embarrassed to bring you around! lol


If we go out in public – you have to understand that I have never met a stranger. Case in point above.


And if you need some time to decompress… I’m always up for swinging on the front porch and sipping coffee. I really do offer good advice. However, you must be prepared, I don’t mince words.

Are you into fresh, organic berries? Well… in the fall we can pick scuppernogs and in the summer we can pick blueberries. I did mention we have a farm… right?


Oh… and a beach house. Yes, the Kirksey’s have a beach house. No, we don’t rent it. But if you and I are really close, I just might invite you down!


And I am a big Alabama fan. Though one BFF is a GA Dawg fan and the other is an Auburn fan… it is important that we get a handle on this rivalry sooner, rather than later.


I like outdoor adventures. Well… keep it simple. But I am open to a few!


I am the crazy cat lady. If you are allergic – this isn’t going to work.


I am a big believer in celebrating birthdays! (Yours included!) And I love to theme it out. Like this 40th Bday for me. It’s a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme…. without the escorts. lol 😉


And just know when I say I can throw a party… I mean… BIG parties/events. I’m a professional at this. Seriously. And yes, I’m always judging other people’s events. lol


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. I danced for many, many years. No, I don’t look like the dancer type… but boy do I love to!


You have got to be open to art. I mean… I’ve worked at two different museums. I ran one of them. My mother is an artist and ran a gallery. It’s sort of in our blood.

If you think you are up to the task… then maybe we should get to know each other better.

I’ve always viewed finding new friends sort of like dating, you hang out a few times to see if you click. Maybe I’ll find that new tribe that just clicks. I’m really hoping it will come sooner, rather than later.

In the meantime… I’ll build that home with my dream guy, run the tourism in my community, and continue to do the things I love..

Even if it is by myself. Because that’s the kind of confidence you need to be my friend. You got to be able to go it alone.

Class 5 clingers are not allowed.

Until next time…


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