Teal, Cobalt, Navy, and more.

Hey there! Remember me?

It’s been a while- probably too long to be perfectly honest. You guys – this year has been so incredibly busy! It’s July and just 4 months or so since the wedding & epic honeymoon. I got back in town and spent the last month prepping for the re-branding of my community and now that is done, it’s time to get into something else. As always – something life changing. Have I ever done anything easy?

A couple of things have transpired: 1. We got approved for the construction loan and are about to move forward with building our Cape Cod cottage in Plains.

Wait.. did you know about that?

We were made an offer we couldn’t refuse on the perfect piece of land in Plains, Georgia. Just steps from former President Jimmy Carter’s home. Seriously… I can step on the front of our property and see his secret service house.

We bought it free and clear, found a builder (after many, many interviews,) and pursued the loan. I had no idea how complicated building a home was compared to buying a home. There are permits, and permissions, and 20% cash down (yeah.. you read that right,) and so, so SO much more. FINALLY, everything is in order and we should break ground in around 3 weeks or so. Next up – schedule the closing.

The house will be adorable! Classic Cape Cod (pre 1930) and nestled right in the middle of 2.5 acres. To the left of the house, a white farm house where a Widower, Mr. George lives. (We are calling him Curious George because he is a bit nosy.) Apparently, he mainly keeps to himself and was very concerned about potential new neighbors.

So what will the house look like? Well… something like this:


Same colors, same look… except we are possibly opting out of the dormers. Dormers are more of a post 1930s Cape Cod, and we want to stay pure. Plus, there is no second floor, so the idea of faux dormers is meh.

I’ve sort of picked out my colors! And of course, I am completely capable of changing my mind. Here is the inspiration for the Living Room:


I have a lot of dark wood furniture and random international pieces from all of those exchange students I kept over the years. We know we want to replace my light gray leather furniture with a brown leather seating arrangement. Lighter walls, a dark accent wall, and the feeling of warmth, comfort, and slightly zen.

The dining room is a little trickier. But I have an idea!


The colors represented in this peacock palette will go nicely with my fine china, everyday wear, and art work! Plus, the colors will look nicely with my mission style dining room.

Now as for the kitchen:


See the white cabinets and dark wood counter top? Yep- that’s what we are going for. There will be dark hardwoods through out the foyer, dining room, living room, breakfast room, and kitchen. Now.. with this blank canvas we are going to use pops of color through accessories. We LOVE Mexican art. The bold, bright colors are something we both adore. Instead of going crazy and installing a mosaic sink, etc.. we thought that if we ever wanted to sell, keeping a nice clean palette would be the smartest.

So what are our pop of colors?


This with one edit – The teal will be a nice cobalt blue! These colors will flow into the breakfast room.

Our guest bath will be tricky, because it is also the girls’ bathroom. Here is a palette I am sort of into:


The idea is to go with a nice muted nautical look.

How about the patio? Oh this should be fun!


Our backyard has the most beautiful St. Augustine grass and gorgeous (and HUGE) shady pecan trees. I thought perhaps we could play into the colors of the yard itself.

Our master suite will be based around my favorite painting of Santorini (done by my mother.)


Maybe less of that teal, and more of the other muted tones. We even have a bay window sitting area in our master suite. I’m looking forward to creating a reading nook there.

And finally, there is the master bath. My haven!


I want to feel as if I am at a spa!


Okay…. that’s THAT. Still a LOT to figure out! But you have the basic idea.

I hope that catches you up a bit. There is so much more to share, and I promise to get around to it all. Right now, I’m nursing my husband back to health after some pretty extensive abdominal surgery.  He is on the mend, but in a lot of pain. Prayers appreciated for health!


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