Marketing In The Mountains

When people ask me about what I am working on, I respond in the worst possible way. I will look you dead in the eye, shrug my shoulders, cross my fingers and say, “Here’s hoping it will all work out.” Bullshit. There is not much in this world that I have not plotted and plannedContinue reading “Marketing In The Mountains”

Woodstock – A City Unexpected

This past Spring, I got the opportunity to spend a week in Woodstock, Georgia. It is a small city, just north of metro Atlanta. I went there for a business trip, specifically for the Regional Visitor Information Center conference, but ended up experiencing a very cool bleisure trip! (Just what is bleisure? It’s business mixedContinue reading “Woodstock – A City Unexpected”

August- You Saucy Minx, You.

I feel kind of bad for the month of August. It’s sort of a throw away month for those of us not participating in an academic year. Kind of….. blah. Basically, I have no expectation for the month of August at all. Maybe I need to use the month to sort of kick off new habits or add someContinue reading “August- You Saucy Minx, You.”