August- You Saucy Minx, You.


I feel kind of bad for the month of August. It’s sort of a throw away month for those of us not participating in an academic year. Kind of….. blah.

Basically, I have no expectation for the month of August at all.

Maybe I need to use the month to sort of kick off new habits or add some new and exciting hobby to my life….. sort of like we did back when we did go to school.

I used to love shopping for the new school year: New book bag, new pencils and pencil-case, a shiny new Trapper Keeper, and of course, new threads to show off. I especially loved making book covers and taking my favorite stickers and plastering them all over my notebooks. I also remember getting so excited about the first day, because then I would get to see all of my friends in class and hopefully get assigned to sit next to the cute guy I might have had a crush on. Ah… those were the days.

Well… here we are. Day One of August. Nothing special. Nothing to plan. Nothing to look forward to.

Or is there?

Food for thought.

Alright… as promised, I was going to catch you guys up on my Summer. In my last blog post, I wrote about our new home! (Or rather, the construction of our new home!) We are scheduled to close on the construction loan this week sometime. I’m even heading out to Plains this afternoon to meet the water meter guy. So many details, so little time.

We’ve spent a majority of our weekends at the cabin. We decided to take advantage of this last Summer by the lake.


We had some friends over to go fishing one Saturday. My co-worker Qaijuan and his uncle came over and caught 20 brim! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!


Watermelon by the pool has been a delicious way to spend a hot South Georgia Summer afternoon.


Meet Jolene – A stray kitty that somehow showed up deep in the woods at our cabin!


A cooler, some floating apparatuses, and friends. Typical Saturday.


And we grill out – A LOT!



Great conversation with great people!


We have even invited friends out on the boats!



Conversations on our front porch are always a ton of fun!


We even prepped the girls for a Greek Goddess inspired Mama Mia party! Tim took them to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see Mama Mia and to prepare, we had faux wine, candles, and Greek attire!




My niece came for a visit.


My other niece came over for a slumber party!


Oh… and dear, sweet, grand baby – Cotton. PS – Today is her 2nd birthday!


And we spent some money on… well.. we bought MORE land!


Sangria and Golf Cart trips around the farm!


Overall – we have relaxed quite a bit. I’ve only taken two trips thus far (which I will blog about later.) Since the construction is taking a chunk out of our budget, we have to sort of Staycation more often than not.

As you can see, I took my goal very seriously! I am attempting to develop new friendships and I’m spending lots and lots of time with the people I love the most!

Happy August, my friends!

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