Kindness Confetti


It is not too hard to make someone’s day. Seriously. It typically takes a simple smile, a kind word, or a random anonymous act. On the other hand, it’s not too hard to ruin a person’s day: with side eyes, with glares, and by back stabbing. I’ve been on the both sides of that coin, and I have dealt all of the above.

This past week was hell. No other way to put it. For many, many reasons. Mostly petty stuff, and none of it super personal. I had to make some pretty tough decisions and those choices were not overly popular. On one hand – you do the thing that would ultimately hurt and destroy a goal, yet make people happy, or you do the right thing that is going to make none of the people happy, yet the end result, in time, will be what is best for everyone.

I did the right thing and it was not the popular choice.

Adults can be bullies. Boy oh boy, most adults never really grow up. Passive aggressive and dramatic behavior is instilled in a lot of people at a very young age (they learn from their families,) and unfortunately, they do not grow out of this phase. I got to be the receiving end of such behavior this week. But that’s okay. It kind of goes with the territory. I know that this too shall pass.

Then in other areas of my life, I am sitting back watching someone else I love very dearly be treated incredibly poorly by people that mean a lot to this person. I’ve been watching for months – more passive-aggressive, petty behavior, as well as, manipulation like you have never seen. As adults, we know the best thing to do is turn the other cheek and put up invisible boundaries. Move on.. live and let live.

(But the fighter in me wants to rip all of these types of people, in both scenarios, to shreds.) But I can’t.

I could. 

But I would not.

What I would rather do is spread kindness like confetti. Just like some of the people who did the same to me this past week, and did not even realize how much of an impact, or how grateful I am.

You, unnamed kind people, I am incredibly grateful – and will never forget it.

For the rest of us, I think defining who we are and what we will allow into our lives in critical to our overall quality of life. Over the years, I have adopted the followed philosophies into my life. I am a writer and words are incredibly important. I have collected quotes for years, that eventually became my personal mantras or commandments on how I will live my life day to day.

Here is how I choose to live my life:














With that, let’s all try to be kind to one another this week – regardless of others’ behavior.


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