What’s in a Decade

You guys – It is the end of a decade.


As I was making my 2019 Year In Review slide show of my life, I began to think of all of the slide shows I have made over the years. Specifically, this decade.


Want to travel down memory lane with me…. Have mercy.

That was 2009. I lived a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LIFE. I lived in Birmingham, traveled quite a bit, and was married to the Egyptian.

Let’s keep going….

Still in Birmingham…. Let’s keep going…

Now we have moved into some challenging territory. Shaky marriage… about to be let go from my job… getting ready to rebuild my life back in Georgia…

Then I moved….

Then the rebuild came:

And FINALLY…. the tides began to turn…

To HANDS DOWN the BEST Summer of my adult life…

To a whole new world!

To many wonderful adventures:

To a challenging year health wise, but still good stuff!

To 2019 – One decade later!

Amazing how I have change – both physically, spiritually and emotionally! I have been married and divorce to being remarried. I have moved from Birmingham, Alabama to Macon, Georgia to Preston, Georgia to Plains, Georgia. I have worked for the American Heart Association, Tubman Museum, Cannonball House, and City of Americus. I wrote over 32 articles and was published in Birmingham Magazine, B Metro Magazine, Macon Magazine, and the 11th Hour. I join a handful of boards, helped create a Day Surgery program for the working poor, and even won the Georgia Commissioner’s award for Outstanding Leadership in Promoting Tourism. I’ve become a step mom and Glamma. I’ve made more new friends than I can count.

Life really is sweet… bitter sweet sometimes, but always a treat!

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Tourism Director * Freelance Writer * Southern * Catholic * Crazy Cat Lady * Wonder Women * Coffee Addict * Traveler * Voracious Reader * Cultural Junkie * *GSD Mom*

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