No doubt we are ALL feeling the pain. There is not one single person ON THIS EARTH not experiencing anxiety & confusion. COVID-19 is sweeping across the world and we are all a little lost and slightly depressed.

But you know what….

We are all in this together!

When was the last time you could honestly say that? I don’t think there was a time. Maybe for America after 9-11, but never the world and never like this.

Many of you are self-quarantining. Some of your jobs have sent you home. The kids are home. Not me. I work for a city government and we are all required to report to work. Granted, we are supposed to stay 6-feet away from each other, and for the most part we are doing that, but let’s be honest, it isn’t easy.

As I was sitting here in my office, I took a moment and watched one of the priests from The Catholic Show, pray the rosary. I listened along and held my little clay cross, realizing I have no idea where my actual rosary is. (Note to self: Figure that out!)

Then I got excited about all of the live videos groups sharing their special places. It is literally so inspiring!

I’ll share a few of my favorites:

You can stream The French Chef (Julia Child) on Amazon Prime or through your PBS Membership Add-On Service.

Virtual Farms are all the rage. I got to visit a Dairy Farm just yesterday!

Ever wanted to visit theVatican and see the Sistine Chapel? Totally possible!

And I even have some creative friends sharing their talents!

Whatever you do to pass the time, make sure you take some moments to send out good intentions and enrich your mind. When was the last time any of us got a chance to do that?

And with that, I made a list of all of the things I am most thankful for during this pause in life:

  1. I love to read. I spent a little time Sunday night downloading a few wonderful books to begin reading this weekend. I wanted to be transported to some beautiful places and I found an author I think I will binge read during this crisis: Fiona Valpy. The first book I plan to tackle is the Dress Maker’s Gift. Followed by the Beekeeper’s Promise and then Sea of Memories. Sounds lovely, right?

2. I’m also going to take some time to binge watch my silly reality shows I love so much. I love The Real Housewives franchise, and I hope to get all caught up in their fabulousity.

3. I love to color. I have a bazillion adult coloring books and tons of great color pencils and gel pens. Might be a nice way to therapeutically pass the time!

4. I love to cook and read recipes. MORE time to research yummy new recipes for this Spring & Summer.

5. We need to plant some seeds in our garden, it is a perfect time to get outside and do just that.

6. Yoga. I need to stretch. I need to unwind. Here is a great way to get it together.

7. Snuggle time with my cats.

8. Quality time with my guy.

9. Plenty of time to reorganize.

10. And finally, less spending.

Before I go, I wanted to share some uplifting videos with you. Maybe you are bored and need a laugh or want to learn something or maybe you just need something new to try out.


Here is one of my favorite songs and some beautiful imagery to go with it.

How to be happy every day:

A little meditation:

Inspiration to declutter!

Some delicious Summer Recipes

I am a HUGE fan of Lindsey Stirling. This song always makes me happy:

OMG – If you have not watched Fall On Me… you are missing out.

This song also makes me happy – You Say!

How about Gregory Hines & Baryshnikov? Be still my beating heart

I’ll leave you with this one! What would you add?

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