Masks, GSDs, & Grads



Not Halloween, but facial masks to protect others from the virus.

Yes, let me say that again – YOUR MASK PROTECTS OTHERS FROM THE VIRUS YOU COULD BE CARRYING. In turn, they need to wear their mask. That’s the only way.

In the last post, I shared how life sort of stopped for a couple of months. In our home, I was quarantined at home, while Tim went to work each day. While at work, he was required to take his temp before entering the building, as well as staying in his office. The only time we left the house was to pick up something from the local Dollar General or pick up groceries.

My business gave me these hideous white masks that were disposable. And if you guys know me, I figured if I have to wear one, at least make a fashion statement with it. And that’s what I did.

Luckily, a friend from Macon sent me my first 5. They were pretty little patterns on blue or black fabric. Then I got creative and found a treasure trove on Etsy. These resuable masks were the answer to much  needed prayer. Because now, I wear masks every single day. I am back at work and with the amount of public that comes in, it is so necessary.


I got a Rotary mask.


And Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven mask.


A space kitty mask.


Wonder Woman mask.


Thor’s Hammer mask.


And a Parisian Stamp mask.

There are more, but this gives you a basic idea! I have to admit, it has been fun ordering different themed masks. I’m sure when the holidays get here I will be completely themed out.

Another change that affected our home was Tim’s daughter Alex moved out.99040745_10158200083494929_395719530531258368_o

I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a welcome event. She is in that very typical angsty 18-year-old phase. Remember the one? The “I’m an adult and have it all figured out, but you still owe me” phase? Oh yeah. We had a come to Jesus meeting the day she moved out. We really haven’t been right ever since. But that is okay, because she has a ton of growing up to do. I’m sitting back watching her make some pretty crummy decisions. She seems to be burning bridges will all of the people trying to help her. Yet, somehow, as she burns the bridges, she turns around and asks for money. 

Lord have mercy. 


Good news is – she did graduate. Not the traditional way, since graduations were cancelled due to the virus. Again, another sign of the times. She also graduated with a high enough grade point average to achieve the Zell Miller Scholarship to college. That means 90% or so of her school is paid for.

She chose Georgia Southwestern State University as the college to start her studies this Fall. I believe they start classes next Wednesday. IN PERSON. Which I think is crazy.

We gathered at Tim’s mom’s house for a little cook out and celebration for both Alex & Micah (Tim’s niece.) Just immediate family, and honestly, it was the first time we had all gotten together since the pandemic started.

Once the house got a little bit quieter, Tim and I started talking about the future. Like… how are we going to design the backyard? And what would Alex’s old room look like as Tim’s study? And there was one more piece of business – Could I get a dog and was I ready for one?

Considering I was stuck at home for at least the next month, I thought it was the perfect time to get a puppy. With me being at home, not only would it keep me company, but I would also be home to take care of the puppy and potty train it. Well lo and behold, a German Shepherd puppy came up on my friend’s FB feed and she shot me a text. I had been looking at GSDs and thought that this should be the next breed I tackled. If you remember, it had been 14 years since I last had a dog. When my Nanook (a beautiful gray & white with blue eyes Siberian Husky) died, it basically broke my heart. I was finally ready.

I sent a message to the owner of the puppies and asked for a cost and whether I could pick one out today. He said of course and Tim and I drove two hours to Milledgeville to pick out my baby boy.

Meet Dorian Wolfgang Kirksey:

This was the very day we drove him home. Such a big boy, a whopping 10 pounds at 8 weeks old. He had a big old milk belly and sweet demeanor.

He was house broken within one week. He learned to sit and lay down and stay within two weeks. This dog is off-the-charts smart. German Shepherds are known as Velcro Dogs, which means they go everywhere with you. For one, they like their owners and are extremely loyal, and two, they feel the need to make sure you are protected. A true pack animal if I ever saw one.

By the third month his ears were starting to perk up. Apparently, their ears will stand straight up after their adult teeth come in. It has something to do with the cartilage.

He got bigger and bigger and bigger…

Until finally, we found we were adjusting his collar each week.

He ended up loving his chew toys. I bought him probably $100 worth of toys to help him while he was teething. (Which, btw – he is STILL teething at 6 months.)

He loves the water and pig ears. He loves his daddy and he does sleep with us.

He really has been the best thing for me. I can’t express how much my heart has healed and how little I desire now that I have him in my life. I treat him as if he were my child and I could not be happier.

On the 17th we will celebrate his 6 month birthday! Yes, he was born on February 17th, just one day after my own birthday!

As you can see, the pandemic brought some much needed stress relief into my life. I found a way to express myself, as well as protect myself with face masks. The angsty kid moved on and we don’t have to come out of pocket for college tuition, and I got the most beautiful German Shepherd Puppy a human could hope for! What good things have come out of this pandemic for you?

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