Half a Century

The dude turned 50 on June 23rd. That’s right, I’m married to a senior citizen. Ha! When did THAT happen? But it is true, the love of my life is the big 5-0. It was unfortunate that this huge milestone happened in the middle of a pandemic, but that did not stop us from marking the occasion. We invited his immediate family, my immediate fam, and our neighbors (who I happen to work with!) A safe corona-eque gathering of people who have been socially distancing together since the very beginning.

We decided a nice cook out would be the best way to feed a crowd. We grilled burgers and hot dogs and made little side dishes of chicken salad croissants and air fried bacon pickles.

Those pickles are amazing! I promise to share the recipe soon!

His birthday cake was an assortment of cheesecakes. I opted for a more positive spin on 50 versus the funeral decor and “old fart” jokes. 50 doesn’t seem so old now and I wanted to celebrate my vintage dude.

We set up the badminton set and lawn chairs for a little outside fun.

One of the highlights was a beautiful painting my sister did of Huginn and Muninn. In Norse mythology, these two ravens fly all over the world and bring information to the god, Odin.

I made peach Bellinis for the crowd!

He also received three whiskeys: A Scotch from RT, Angel’s Envy from Paige, and Maker’s Mark from my parents. It really was a good time had by all.

I’m glad the day turned out beautiful, everyone showed up, and he was celebrated. For a man that puts every single person before himself, it made me happy and proud to be able to do the same for him.

Happy birthday my love! I hope the next 50 years are just as magical!

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