Things I’ve Learned During Covid

  1. People are incredibly selfish. The fact that someone would say that they don’t want anyone telling them what to do and that is why they DON’T wear a mask tells me everything I need to know about a person. Yes, I am judging.
  2. I am beginning to not want to play any reindeer games. You know know I mean? I am actually enjoying not having to go anywhere and do anything. Plus, we all have a great excuse to stay home without the guilt!
  3. I have used this time to really indulge in my cooking addiction. I do like going out to eat, but the older I get, the more I realize I am a really good cook and I enjoy my own food.
  4. The relationships that actually matter to me are being cultivated. I don’t have time or the need for small talk and I have filtered out the riff raff. I am spending time with and keeping up with those who matter the most to me.
  5. I don’t feel so weird anymore. Aka – you are ALL germaphobes with me!
  6. The Earth needed a break. Did you see how clear the waters got and how clean the air was when the world took a pause? Good job, God.
  7. My family, my close friends, my pets, and my home are all that really matter to me right now.
  8. That people are rabid when it comes to politics. That our leadership (from Federal to State) is incredibly weak and we totally messed up with COVID. THIS could be almost over. Yet here we are….
  9. God knew we needed this. We needed the pause. We needed to help one another. We needed to listen. I’m afraid many of us are failing this test.

Until next time…

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