Mental Road Blocks & The Curse of Mid-Life

Here we are, another Monday morning and another day at work. And so it goes until you can barely go anymore.

Welcome to your mid-life crisis.

I never really understood why someone would have a “crisis” or mid-course correction. It seemed silly. But here I am, half of the way into 47, and wondering what should I do next. Now when I say, “What should I do next?,” I do not necessarily mean career wise, but that is not off the table. What I mean is – I am very strategic and goal-oriented and I typically knock out goals one after the next. What do you do when your inspiration has dried up and you need new goals?

That’s a tough one at 47.

I wanted to dance, so for most of my life (younger, more fit life,) I danced. I wanted to act – so there was theater for most of my younger life. I wanted to get a degree and be a journalist – check. I wanted to do a documentary – check. I wanted to travel to NYC, Paris, Egypt, and make money – double check. I wanted to swim with manatee and ride an air boat. I wanted to take a vampire tour and see the Moulin Rouge. I wanted to learn to cook French cuisine. I wanted to win an Associate Press Award. I wanted to win the Commissioner’s Award in Tourism. I wanted to run a museum. I wanted to work in tourism. I wanted to marry someone from an exotic country. I wanted to host exchange students. I wanted a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. I wanted to build a house. I wanted to live in a big city, as well as a tiny town.

I’ve. Done. It. All.

What is next?

That’s what is on my mind this Monday morning.

Well for starters, I went ahead and signed up for a photography class. An ACTUAL photography class with the Atlanta School of Photography. It is a four-week course. I’m looking forward to stepping up my game. That’s a start.

That is something.

What are your current challenges and how are you pacing yourself to get through the middle half of life?

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