Rona Killing Football Dreams

Thanks, Rona.

Apparently, 2020 has been cancelled. It is official.

This morning, when I came into work, our Guest Services Coordinator stopped me to tell me about what was happening with college football. By the look in his eyes, I knew Southern culture would never be the same again.

I am curious how this football season is going to turn out!

Growing up, I was never a big football fan. I remember my grandfather watching football at his house on the weekends, but that was the extent of my knowledge of the game. I think I might have gone to one football game in my entire high school career. (Well, maybe more – who knows?!) I was more of a ballet/theater kid and sports, just simply, were not my thing.

It wasn’t until I moved to Alabama that I began to appreciate the game and more importantly, the culture around the game.

Many of my co-workers would ask me which team was I a fan of, and since I was from Georgia, I would say, “I guess Georgia.” I mean, my little sister did go to UGA, so it wasn’t so far fetched.

Apparently I did not fully grasp the culture in Alabama.

When someone asks you what team, they mean – ALABAMA OR AUBURN.


I did my due diligence and attended watch parties on both sides. I ended up siding with the University of Alabama and like so many other fans, began yelling, “Roll Tide!”

I learned the plays, I began to understand the rules, and finally, I became a football fan! College football fan, that is.

Steve and I are willing to bet that this September, football is not going to make it. We genuinely believe Rona is going to kill football. Which will kill so many Fall weekends in the South. It will also kill so many kids dreams of a great year. *smh*

Regardless of what you think of the sport, it is an American institution and I believe this holiday season (which in the South kicks off with Football Season,) is going to be a bust.

Mark our words.

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