Forgiveness Is the Answer

At the end of the day, all we can do is forgive and move on.

I don’t know about you, but I am just so sick and tired of feeling so passionately about this issue or the next. Even when it comes to politics, I fall somewhere in the middle – I’m a moderate independent. I can honestly see both sides, hear all of the arguments, and sometimes, just think, “What does it really matter?” Just be a good human.

After last night’s city council meeting, I got to thinking about the moving of monuments and memorials and racism and all of the other things in between. If you move the fallen police officer memorials, you might satisfy one group of people. If you don’t move the memorials, you will satisfy another group of people. Each side has valid points.

Here is an idea – What if we just forgive one another and move on? Are we fighting someone else’s battle? Are we paying for the sins of our ancestors? What is the answer?

My co-worker Qaijuan and I chatted about it this morning.

Solution based thinking.

We know what the problems are. We understand the hurt and the pain. We can see it from both sides of the coin. What are the solutions? Where is the compromise?

That’s what I want to see.

I know when I lead tourism retreats, I always say, “Yes, we know we have problems. And you can bring me your problem. But when you bring the problem, give me an option to help solve the problem.”

And discuss. Open dialogue and open discussion.

I often find when I am around people who only hang out with people just like themselves, their ability to see both sides is limited. Me have to make friends and spend time with all types of people from all of the different backgrounds. We just have to.

Again, I don’t have all of the answers, but talking about it is the first step.

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One thought on “Forgiveness Is the Answer

  1. And THAT’S why we get along so well. It’s all about solution based thinking!!!
    I love what Qaijuan said, “Keeping the history, teaching the history, but don’t relive it.” “How can I be a part of the solution?” It is exhausting, and it really is part of why I don’t watch the news each day.


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