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Let’s be honest here for a minute, it has been one hell of a year for all of us. The highs were really high and the lows were ridiculously low. It is as if 2021 suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder. Look, 2020 was what it was – a pandemic year. 2021 was bat-shit crazy.

How to recover from a year like this one? Is it a matter of looking at it through a different lens? Perhaps we should glean the lessons we have learned?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t seem to have the patience to do so.

With that being said, I hope each of you had a decent holiday season. As for my family and I – I would give in a solid 8. Presents were awesome, food was delicious, everyone that could get together, did get together. All in all – not too shabby. However, now that I have the week off, and I am home alone and can decompress, it was a lot of juggling and handling of people’s feelings. We just lost Tim’s mom and it has most of his family on high-sensitivity alert, as expected. But when you are an empath and you are trying to coax and help shift energy, it can be extremely draining. I found myself on more than one occasion “stepping in it,” and just trying to dance my way out of whatever accidental thing I might have said/did/etc. When you are as open and just authentically yourself as I try to be, you can guarantee there will be multiple times you get poo on your shoe.

Moving on….

We are getting closer and closer to the New Year! Have you set your intentions or resolutions? I have a basic idea and just so I am not overwhelmed the first week, I am trying to ease myself into them this week. For example, Dorian and I have started daily walking. I know, I know – I have bum knees, but after the cortisone shots, I’m doing 85% better. I found this app/program that I think is going to help me get moving again: Run Across America. It is time for their Winter Warmup! Now, I am in no way a runner. Not in the least bit. Nor do I ever plan to be. Not with these knees, anyway. However, walking and logging a daily movement is a wonderful way to hold myself accountable. And get this – there is a challenge. (Oh how I do love a good challenge!) You get your friends to sign up for your team. Good news for you, I created a team – Team Dorian! I figure a lot of us have dogs, and we all have to walk our dogs, so why not log our daily walks? If you want to join my team, download the Run Across America app and enter the code: KVTCF1 And boom, we are connected. Just log your daily walks and the goal is to get to 50K by March 14th! PLUS, proceeds from the app go to Feeding America!

With all of that being said, obviously, movement is a big intention of my mine for 2022. SOME type of movement daily.

I am going to go to my gym a few times a week, take any random-fun classes I see posted around town, and also practice stretching/yoga and basic movement at the house. I think not only will it benefit me, Dorian is going to be better for it.

I’m going to continue to work with Sue with Eating With Intent, LLC. She is my nutritionist and we are working on MACROS and I have downloaded the app that is called MACROS. I’ll keep logging my food, water, movement, and weight in that app. That covers the basic health piece.

I also have booked all of my important doctor’s appointments: Yearly gyno, mammogram, FITT Test, etc. Make sure to check what you should have done based on your age, For example, in 2023, it will be time for me to get a colonoscopy. Fun.

As for my mental health, I downloaded the calm app, paid the sort of high fee for it, and I am using it some. I plan to increase my usage as time goes. Plus, I have a ton of great spiritual books to read that will address many of these issues.

As for the rest, well… that is something I’m pondering. I still have my Rosetta Stone. So there is the French to study. I still have my fancy camera, so there is no reason I can’t work on my photography. There is this blog. There is the cooking. There is the wedding planning for my friend’s daughter.

So. Many. Options.

But what is going to be new this year? I’m trying my hand at embroidering. That is something, but that is not enough.
Decisions. Decisions.

I want to hear about you. In the comment section here or on FB, share with me some of your resolutions. Perhaps you will inspire me!

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