Rolling In The Deep

Look, I know I need to finish my Chattanooga blog experience. I know.

I pick up my laptop each night and I start to write something and I think to myself, “Just do it tomorrow, when you are in the mood.”

I haven’t been in the best place mentally. It is all work related and I’m exhausted.

For the record, I am going to be fine. Everything, technically, is fine – I just have to stick it out and make some changes.

For one, I need to not allow toxic, negative people affect how I do business. I recently had some photos taken of various people doing various activities in town. These photos are meant to show the diverse audience we attract.

Apparently there is someone out there (and yes, I know who it is,) stirring things up. Asking questions like, “Are these the type of people we want to bring to our area?”

Excuse me?

African Americans. Inter-racial couples. Gay couples.

Yep, that is EXACTLY the type of people I want to bring here. As well as: Baby boomers, white people, Asian people, native people, older people, younger people, people with disabilities, etc.


I KNOW I am doing the right thing.

But I need to clear this mess out of my head before I finish my Chattanooga series.

Please be patient. I’ll be back.

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