Take The Plank Out Of Your Eye

I guess I was shining too brightly.

People like me and people in my circle like to do that. We like to radiate happiness and confidence and share what excites our soul with the world.

What excites and inspires me?

The super cool people I pick up along my almost five-decade-long journey. The friends I made at my first church as a child. My friends from Union Elementary School. My friends from Ballard A Middle School. My friends from Southwest High School. All of this was in Macon.

My friends from JC Penny & Sears in Macon. My friends from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. All of my Girl Scout camp counselor friends from Camp Martha Johnston. My friends from 13WMAZ TV. My friends from Girl Scouts of Middle Georgia. My friends from Birmingham. My friends from the American Heart Association. The friends I made in all of the cities I worked in: Macon, Lizella, Milledgeville, Sandersville, Gray, Eatonton, Gordon, Haddock, Hancock County, Irwinton, Gardendale, Birmingham, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Pensacola, Americus, Andersonville, Preston, Plains, Leslie, DeSoto, and my friends from the State of Georgia Tourism. My friends from the Tubman African American Museum. My friends from the Cannonball House. My friends from the all of the boards I have served on in so many communities. My friends from Presidential Pathways (where I was President for almost 2 years.) My friends through the RVIC program all over the state. My friends from Prince of Peace (Bham) and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (Macon. ) My family in Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky. My family in Egypt.

Do I need to go on?

I have been accused of being a shameless self-promoter by a local professor. He says, and I quote, … Wait…

Let me just share what he said:

Now, please note. I’m not a friend of this person, nor do I have access to this on his page. It was clearly sent to me by multiple people asking the question – “Is this about you?”

Of course, I said, “I can’t imagine why?!” And went about my business. Until I received this message:

I cut out some of the names to protect people who, like me, have nothing to do with this person. I just wanted to point out that this is the perfect example of defamation of character, because it affects me professionally.

Good news: None of this would ever touch me in my Tourism world, because, my success speaks for itself. And I am a lot older than this person and know when someone is being a bully online.


It is petty, messy, and mean.

For one, I have nothing to do with this person. Do I “shamelessly” promote myself? Not necessarily myself, but I do promote the things I do. Because…. *shocker* I work in promotions. *facepalm*

Do I fight with people on & off social media? Not really. I mean, a few locals like to pick at me and try to criticize me on my personal pages and I shut them down. But that happens not on the regular. I don’t fight with businesses. The businesses get mad at Main Street and often they confuse my office with Main Street. And this is the kicker – People confuse me with my job.

On my professional page – It is all about the local area. That’s what it is.

On my personal page it is all the things I love. Please see the long list of places I have lived and worked above. Not to mention the amount of travel I have done over the years. (And it is a lot.)

What can you do? But sit back and watch people who clearly have low self-esteem get angry. I think this space is awesome and I love sharing about it, but I also love sharing about other places and people.

I don’t eat at one restaurant. I don’t drink one kind of coffee. I don’t shop at one store. I don’t just have friends that live here.

There is a whole big world out there. I will love it and live out loud.

As for the rest of you taking screen shots of my every move:

You must be a fan. 😉

Until next time….

PS – I haven’t thrown out the idea of slapping a Defamation case on this person. I’ve got the money and the time. Maybe….

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