My Soul Is Tired

A friend of mine said this to me the other day. She said, “My soul is tired.” And I felt that right to my core.

That feeling that you are just over it- over the hatefulness, the competition, the resentments, past mistakes, future concerns… just all of it.

I think if you haven’t gotten there yet, trust me, it is coming.

I feel that way currently. I’m probably better off than some, but I do believe I am at that point in my life where I just want to be happy.

I’m tired of trying to achieve. I’m so over it. I’m tired of defending myself to others. Never felt it was needed, which makes it extra difficult to deal with. I’m just tired. To the very bone… and past the bone. Deep in my soul.

I spent the night on the couch last night because I’ve been having trouble sleeping and I didn’t want my tossing and turning to wake Tim up. Before I drifted off, I prayed for a very long time. I event, sort of, gave myself a hug. Self-soothing, if you will. Something I have done most of my life.

I got to thinking of all of the bullshit so many of us put up with and honestly, dish out on a daily basis. I don’t know if it is my creeping up to 50, but… in the world of that funny lady on one of those viral videos about a fire, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

How do you self-soothe? Do you understand the soul being tired?

Let me know in the comments!

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