Plans Versus Elements: Battle of the Sexes

It goes a little something like this: Tim: Hey, Nicole. Send me some examples of floor plans that you like. Nicole: Okay. But remember, all that is important to me is just a few things: a BIG closet, a nice bathroom, a BIG kitchen, and good outdoor entertaining space. Tim: Just send me some examples.Continue reading “Plans Versus Elements: Battle of the Sexes”

Go See: The Cannonball House

Go See: The Cannonball House           856 Mulberry Street, Macon, Georgia There are three distinct things Macon, Georgia is known for: Cherry Blossoms, Legendary Music, and Antebellum Architecture. It is the birthplace of the kazoo, Otis Redding, Little Richard, the Allman Brothers Band and…  me! Not far off of the interstate standsContinue reading “Go See: The Cannonball House”

This Is Only The Beginning

For years, I looked for a blog or website that would offer all of the things I enjoyed in life. I wanted detailed posts on fun, inexpensive, off-the-beaten path vacation spots, particularly, for Day Trips. I wanted someone to share some recipes that even I could recreate. I didn’t just want to read about a restaurantContinue reading “This Is Only The Beginning”