Fall is Upon Us and Other Good News

Happy Monday and man oh man, does it feel like Autumn outside! What a fantastic time of year! First up, I had one of the most relaxing weekends to date! Friday night, Tim and I watched Ant-Man & The Wasp and ate my favorite Keto Pizza Casserole. (If you want the recipe, just click atContinue reading “Fall is Upon Us and Other Good News”

Times Keeps on Slipping

Where did the past two months go? And how did I allow myself to get roped into so many activities? The truth is- I decided to live intentionally. I said No to the things I did not want to do and yes to things I did want to do. Apparently I wanted to do aContinue reading “Times Keeps on Slipping”

Learning to Forgive & Accept

I was scrolling Facebook, as I always do in the morning or around lunch, and saw a fellow friend/blogger/artist friend of mine posted this picture. It was taken at her Art Shop she owns in Illinois and the words spoke to me. Or perhaps it moved me. You see, I have been doing this overContinue reading “Learning to Forgive & Accept”


  I made it through September fairly unscathed! Now I am marching toward the end of October. I’m tired. I’m weary. I’m working super hard. I’ve been a little home sick. Just a little. More so missing my tribe. The trusted friends. The comforting circles. The natural laughter. God how I miss it. Now thatContinue reading “Avoidance”