This Is Only The Beginning

12734091_10153910996389929_6987187598903349978_n (1)For years, I looked for a blog or website that would offer all of the things I enjoyed in life. I wanted detailed posts on fun, inexpensive, off-the-beaten path vacation spots, particularly, for Day Trips. I wanted someone to share some recipes that even could recreate. I didn’t just want to read about a restaurant that was fancy and exclusive, I was actually wanting someone to drive a few miles into the seedier sections of a town and consume the best food on the planet: Dive food. 12688346_10153898237994929_4824895942539947240_nI wanted to read a review on a book, play, movie, festival that was not so much a promotion, but the real deal. And if a new item came out, I wanted someone to show me what it did and why it would work best for me.

But I never found it.

After years of personal blogging, which I still do, I decided to step out and create a website that would be everything I was searching so desperately for! And here it is – Nicole’s Destination Unknown. A simple blog that will highlight the places I visit, eat at, explore, shop at, and even the items I try. I am what you would call a road warrior, I spend only four nights at home, and for the most part, each weekend I am burning up the road. 12734091_10153910996389929_6987187598903349978_n (1)

Join me on this little journey. I’m going to give you the skinny on the best life has to offer, without breaking the bank. You will get to explore the Southeast like never before! You’ll get to learn about little unknown towns and tucked away restaurants. I’ll share with you my favorite festivals and any other cultural offering that may be worthwhile. I’ll even throw in some projects to get you motivated!12705320_10153898845864929_2624015973083957238_n

For now, simple follow me by Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe by email.

I look forward to sharing with you all that I find! Where will we end up? That remains to be seen!


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Tourism Director * Freelance Writer * Southern * Catholic * Crazy Cat Lady * Wonder Women * Coffee Addict * Traveler * Voracious Reader * Cultural Junkie * *GSD Mom*

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