Things I Have Learned About German Shepherds

I have always had a thing for German Shepherds. Though I loved my Siberian Husky, and yes, Nanook and the Huskies are one of my favorite breeds, GSDs (as they are called) are most certainly at the top of my breed list for best dogs EVER! Back in April, when the pandemic started, my husbandContinue reading “Things I Have Learned About German Shepherds”

Masks, GSDs, & Grads

Masks. Not Halloween, but facial masks to protect others from the virus. Yes, let me say that again – YOUR MASK PROTECTS OTHERS FROM THE VIRUS YOU COULD BE CARRYING. In turn, they need to wear their mask. That’s the only way. In the last post, I shared how life sort of stopped for aContinue reading “Masks, GSDs, & Grads”