Seeking Peace

This year’s word is supposed to be intentional.  in·ten·tion·al /inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l/ adjective done on purpose; deliberate. Today I started pondering why? I think it is because I have been operating on Auto-Pilot since Birmingham. Seriously. As I do a little more work on myself, I realize that my 30s did a number on me. I really believeContinue reading “Seeking Peace”

Even Wonder Woman Has A Breaking Point

I’m super resilient. Like… really, really resilient. Life has thrown me sh*t balls over the years and somehow I keep kicking. I get knocked down, only to rise from the ashes. Over and over and over again. I don’t think I am resilient because it is some innate talent or gift. I really don’t think I everContinue reading “Even Wonder Woman Has A Breaking Point”

Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet & Watch

I married a Methodist this time. Not a Muslim or a Baptist or even a Jew. A Methodist. You would think this would make us fairly equally yoked. (Christian termed for basically sharing the same beliefs.) We are both Christian and both of our church services have an order to activities. You knew I was Catholic, right?Continue reading “Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet & Watch”

Seeking Peace

Has it really been July since I last wrote anything? Apparently, it has. Sorry about that. Sorry about not writing as much or writing about real things like I used to. Sorry about all of it. Come to think of it… who I am really apologizing to? I suppose… myself. I’ve sort of let myself down inContinue reading “Seeking Peace”

Times Keeps on Slipping

Where did the past two months go? And how did I allow myself to get roped into so many activities? The truth is- I decided to live intentionally. I said No to the things I did not want to do and yes to things I did want to do. Apparently I wanted to do aContinue reading “Times Keeps on Slipping”

A Sense of Place

There has been a lot of talk lately about creating a “sense of place.” Maybe it is your community where people are coming together to install public art or create a business incubator. Maybe it is your church where the congregation is seeking to attract millennials with an in-house coffee shop and movie room orContinue reading “A Sense of Place”

Transitional Transitions: How do you transition?

So, I think it is time I break up – break up with my past, what could have been, and what is no longer. Does that make sense? I’m transitioning – AGAIN. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong – quite the contrary, everything is exactly as it should be. Let’s see if I can explain: BirthdaysContinue reading “Transitional Transitions: How do you transition?”

What Is Your Word?

What is your word? Do you have one? Growing up, adults would often ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m fairly certain I responded with occupations like: Dancer, Actress, Journalist. Maybe not in that order. Then as time moves on, we set out to become those things. I danced for many,Continue reading “What Is Your Word?”