Coronacation – Midwest Style

I have often been accused of turning a sour situation into a spontaneous adventure. I’ve also been accused of being a bit of an opportunist. So when I found out my step daughter was going to spend three weeks in Chicago and needed a ride, I jumped on the opportunity to turn it into aContinue reading “Coronacation – Midwest Style”

Seeking Peace

Has it really been July since I last wrote anything? Apparently, it has. Sorry about that. Sorry about not writing as much or writing about real things like I used to. Sorry about all of it. Come to think of it… who I am really apologizing to? I suppose… myself. I’ve sort of let myself down inContinue reading “Seeking Peace”

Birthdays & Old Ways

Back in June, I surprised my husband, Tim, with a birthday trip to St. Augustine, Florida; the oldest city in the United States. He had never been, and I had visited half a dozen times over the years, so I figured it would be an easy trip, with little concern over directions, what to do,Continue reading “Birthdays & Old Ways”

Woodstock – A City Unexpected

This past Spring, I got the opportunity to spend a week in Woodstock, Georgia. It is a small city, just north of metro Atlanta. I went there for a business trip, specifically for the Regional Visitor Information Center conference, but ended up experiencing a very cool bleisure trip! (Just what is bleisure? It’s business mixedContinue reading “Woodstock – A City Unexpected”

Epic Honeymoon: Paris Edition

I remember back in 2007, I had a moment of distress. Here I was flying over Europe heading to Cairo, Egypt, realizing that I was heading somewhere else, somewhere other than Paris. As a child, my one little international dream was ALWAYS Paris. Granted, I have been extraordinarily fortunate to travel to places some people only dream of visiting.Continue reading “Epic Honeymoon: Paris Edition”