Snug as a Bug in a Rug

I’m home. The new home, that is. Cabin life – farm life – small town life is suiting me well. I just completed three weeks on my new job and for the very first time since I have been down here, I actually have a day to myself.

Here are just a few of the highlights in the three weeks I have been in my new life:

– I had a fantastic going away party. My friends and family gathered at my mom’s gallery in historic Ingleside Village. I was surrounded by so many amazing people who genuinely wanted to say goodbye.
– Got settled and moved in that very first weekend. Of course, a majority of my belongings are going to stay in storage up until we move into our future home.
– Building the house: We finalized our plans and discovered the basic cost to have it built will be $250,000. (That’s because we own the land.)
– We are debating now: Do we move ahead with the home or do we simply buy something for that cost that is turn key? Decisions.. decisions.

I’ve had a lot of family time down here, which is definitely good for the soul. That includes grilling out, pool time, and riding the four-wheeler on the trails. Unfortunately, I’ve come across a Cotton Mouth & King snake, as well as several dozen wild boar. Ugh.


Just a typical Monday night after work. Sangria and the pool. Not a bad way to live my new life.

Work has kept me very busy with numerous side trips visiting the attractions in the county I am serving as the Tourism Director. For the past 2 weeks, I have covered Plains, Andersonville, Leslie/Desoto/Lake Blackshear. I have toured almost every spot.


And this is as close as I have gotten to President Carter, who just so happens to live 9 miles from me. I did get to meet his niece. Remember the infamous brother, Billy Carter? His daughter is a really nice person.


Tim and I did take a day trip, my second weekend here, to Thomasville, Georgia. We had a fantastic time roaming the downtown. (Which, for the record, is extremely charming.)

For Memorial Day weekend, we took the girls, my niece, his niece, and his grand daughter/sil to the beach house and had a fantastic time.

And fret not, I’m making friends and going out to eat, and getting involved in my community – just like before.

As I move forward, I will dive into more detail. I just needed some time to get a handle on where I am and what I am doing. It’s coming together wonderfully.

Sending out love and light to all of my readers!

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