Going With the Flow


2017 has not disappointed. I started the New Year celebrating the last night of Hanukkah with dear friends in my old home town of Macon.Fried foods (to represent the oil,) beef brisket, and of course a little dreidel 15823627_10154855131234929_1523521611768496729_n was the center of the celebration.

It was nice to sit and laugh with old friends and co workers. I caught up on all of their stories: who was moving, who was promoted. who is getting married, who is having a baby… it reminded me that no matter where we go or how far we go to get there, life just continues on. Starting a New Year off with friends and good food AND a religious holiday was a beautiful way to illustrate the word JOY into my year.

Just the night before, we celebrated the love of two dear friends – Bill & Scott.


We attended their very posh wedding in Downtown Macon with dozens of our friends. It was a beautiful affair, with delicious food, a beautiful cake, and champagne a-flowing. We were told by the officiate to remember that love is love is love is love. That was a nice way to end the year.

Now I find myself back at work and back to the grind. I’m trying to remember to go with the flow and find a little grace and joy in each day. Today’s devotion tackled this very issue. It said: It’s good to go with the flow. But it’s better to go with what you know – what you know to be true for you. Trusting yourself is the ultimate lesson. It’s where all the guidance leads.

This is a wonderful lesson to not only take into the day, but to take into the year. Just yesterday, I was meeting with my Primary Care Physician as a follow-up for my blood work. I heard the best words a girl could hear: Your cholesterol looks great, your blood pressure is good – You are healthy.

I had not heard that in years. But I know that I have a long, long, long way to go. I need to, once and for all, get this weight down. I am working with a health coach and she asked me to research a good home gym option. I did and I ordered it. It’s called Fe’ Fit. The program includes 28 videos, 7 fitness genres, 5 workout programs-all to make your fitness fit your busy lifestyle. Every workout is 30 minutes or less.It has a 90 day commitment challenge you take and it has all the items I need to track that progress. I think this is something I can do and… what does it hurt to try? My kit should arrive tomorrow from Amazon (it was about $100.) Not a bad investment for my health. Now it will be about maintaining my good numbers, but adding another element – the element of letting the outside match the inside. And honestly… that’s going with the flow and trusting what I know to be true: I can always do better.

This week – Listen to those around you. Listen to the guidance of the universe (God.) And also listen to all the voices that God uses to speak to you, through whomever or however it comes. But always trust yourself. Trust your inner voice. And just go with the flow…

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