You Are Going Someplace New


We are all a week into the New Year.

So many promises, so many plans, so many goals to achieve. I’d like to believe that I have started out strong, knocking off each and every detail I needed to in order accomplish my goals. The truth is – I’ve been under the weather, and just functioning is a bit of chore.

Like many of you, I caught the crud – finally. It made its way to me and it is hanging on like a the demon inside Linda Blair on the Exorcist. Started off with fever and chills, turned into a runny nose, terrible cough, and sinus congestion.

Luckily, the Z pack is working and hopefully, in the next few days, I will be a new woman. Even with all of the hacking and sniffling, I did try to accomplish a little. I somehow managed to organize my room, clean out my car, and tackle about an hour’s worth of Rosetta Stone. We’ve pretty much planned out the wedding & honeymoon, and are even starting to seriously consider what is next when it comes to housing. I am organized, if not a little sniffle-ly.

But none of that really matters, right? All of the little things trying to hold us back, they are just things.. and if we allow it to stifle what we are trying to do, then we are going in the wrong direction. I’m not going to let a little head cold convince me that the year is starting off on the wrong foot. Nope, it’s a minor inconvenience and I need to suck it up and move forward.

Today’s devotion told me: You are Going Someplace New. It said: You are opening up more and more. You are becoming clearer each day.

My favorite line was: Embrace the changes taking place. They are good. They will last. They will take you and your life to someplace new, someplace you can’t fully imagine now because it’s so different from where you have been. 

That is definitely the truth. I’m about to be a wife, a mom, a grandmother, and a new homeowner. These are all new titles. I’m replacing the girlfriend/fiance, single, no kids, renter, philosophical nomad…

You know the things that used to bother me, hold me down, and held me back are rolling off much easier. Problems that would plague & pester… gone. Just like the devotion said – You will find yourself gliding through life in a way that brings you JOY, and touches and heals others. 

We are all going some place new in 2017. May our journey be light. May we be open. May we trust the process and trust our own intuition. Our journey is not in vain.. even if our Destination is Unknown.

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