Getting My Groove Back At Grove

Believe it or not, I actually find it hard to just decompress. I know, I know… I am the queen of talking about self-care and I will be the first to purchase the latest stretching mechanism or essential oil. But the truth remains- real, honest relaxation is something I have to consciously and intentionally make happen.

I know you guys remember me talking about my friend, Telisa. Yes, she is the one I traveled to Scotland with and I have known since middle school. You guys probably also remember that she left education to open a float center in Warner Robins called Float Robins. If you aren’t familiar, check out the story HERE.

This very same friend recently opened a new spa in Warner Robins called Grove Spa Retreat.

Her vision was to create a truly luxury experience right in the heart of central Georgia. She put her blood, sweat, tears (and let’s be honest, a whole lotta money,) into her new space, which happens to be next door to Float Robins.

I put out a plea to my friends on FB asking if anyone wanted to go have a spa day with me. Luckily, my friend Kim agreed to come along and we booked full packages for their opening weekend.

We kicked the day off with lunch at one of my favorite places in WR (a place Telisa introduced me to,) Pita Mediterranean Street Food on Watson.

I opted for the chicken shawarma pita with a side of garlic spread hummus. OMG… my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Kim opted for the chicken shawarma bowl. We nibbled, laughed, and finally, we finished up and headed over for an unbelievable spa day!

I think one of the first things I noticed when I walked in was this gorgeous fireplace that is centered in the lobby. It is a beautiful focal pointe that acts like a beacon of serenity. Between the beautiful glowing lights, soft music, and sweet scents, I could almost just curl up right there in the front! We didn’t have to wait long to get called to the back to change into a spa robe and spa shoes.

I will tell you this little tid-bit: I’m a plus-sized girl and I always have this fear that the standard robes are not going to fit around my belly and hips. The hostess showed me the two different robes and I went for the larger one. I stripped down to my undies and attempted to tie the robe, which would tie, it just wouldn’t cover the bits, if you know what I mean.

Thank goodness I could text Telisa and let her know. She came to the back with one of those wrap around velcro spa covers for me to put on under the robe, which solved my problem. I tell you this so that if you are plus-sized, you can conquer this issue up-front.

After changing clothes and putting my items in one of the lockers they provide, I weaved my way down this beautiful, dimly lit hallway that led to a snack bar.

Grove offers complimentary teas, oranges, waters, granola bars, and a wide variety of other items for you to nibble on in their waiting lounge.

I curled up in the lounge and awaited my massage therapist to bring me to her room.

One of the first treatments I went for turned me into a human burrito. I was asked to strip down to nothing and climb onto this table that was covered in what looked like a sunvisor and plastic wrap. The table was heated and I was given a towel to cover my body with. The therapist came into the room and began to dry brush my body. This is an exfoliating process that feels absolutely heavenly. Imagine, if you will, the perfect scratching mechanism. She brushed my legs, arms, stomach and back. Afterwards, she began to apply a warm clay mask all over my body.

After she finished applying the mask, I was wrapped in this plastic wrap, then covered with this heating element and blankets. My whole job was to lay still, in the dimly lit room, and just breathe.

I wasn’t sure if it would freak me out to be wrapped up like a burrito, but to be perfectly honest, I was able to wiggle my toes and move my arms if I needed to. For someone who suffers from just a little claustrophobia, it really wasn’t all that bad. About 20 minutes later, the therapist came in and prepared the steam shower for me. I got to pick out the essential oils I wanted for my aromatherapy experience. I chose eucalyptus and peppermint.

After about a 15 minute steam shower, I dried off and headed back into the massage room and then was given a 60 minute Swedish massage with full body moisturizing and CBD oil for my legs. This entire service cost $150.

After the massage, I was escorted to another room for my facial.

I was given a 60 minute Organic Facial that included a warm towel, cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, essential oils, facial massage, as well as steam, and a head/neck/shoulder massage. The entire experience lasted one hour and cost $95.

After my facial, I went back to the lounge and drank plenty of water and somehow made my way back up to the changing room to get ready to go home. I say, “somehow” because I felt like jelly. I had spent the past 3+ hours being pampered LITERALLY from head to toe. What a wonderful birthday gift from my husband.

After saying goodbye to Telisa, Kim & I set off for home.

I know what you are thinking – of course you are going to recommend your friend’s spa. Um.. no. I would not just recommend her spa. And no, I did not receive a single discount – I experienced this just the way you would. With that being said, I would 100% recommend giving Grove a try. It is a completely different experience from Float Robins. Grove is about pampering and relaxation. Float Robins is about healing and transformation.

To book an appointment, go to their website or call 478.333.2210.

And if you are celebrating a special day, like I was, then make sure to grab a cake pop at Starbucks on your way home. 😉

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