Finale: Sing Me A Song

Thank you guys so much for joining me on this magical journey. I realized, as I was reading it over, that I did very little to truly describe what I saw and what I did. I do believe that there are absolutely no words. NONE – that will ever be able to share how gorgeousContinue reading “Finale: Sing Me A Song”

Say Could That Lass Be I?

We ended the evening on a high note- bellies full and a promise from Air France and the Edinburgh Baggage folks that by 10:30 on Wednesday morning, Telisa would indeed have her luggage.

Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Ready To Listen?

I am coming off a 14-hour work day. One of my favorites of the year – Christmas Open House in Downtown Americus. It took a couple of years to adjust to the fact that 1. Christmas Open House takes place the Thursday BEFORE Thanksgiving….