Finale: Sing Me A Song

Thank you guys so much for joining me on this magical journey. I realized, as I was reading it over, that I did very little to truly describe what I saw and what I did. I do believe that there are absolutely no words. NONE – that will ever be able to share how gorgeousContinue reading “Finale: Sing Me A Song”

Billow and breeze, islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun

Saturday morning we woke up to a little less wind, but a whole lotta snowy conditions. Nothing was really sticking, but it came down fairly fast and right into the eyes. It was our last full day in the Isle of Skye. We decided to stop by a convenient store and purchase some breakfast. IContinue reading “Billow and breeze, islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun”

Over The Sea To Skye

We woke up on Friday morning to the beginning of blizzard-like conditions. A little nervous about our one and a half hour drive to the Isle of Skye with icy roads, we decided to just buck up and make it happen. It was bittersweet to leave Inverness. We sort of fell in love with theContinue reading “Over The Sea To Skye”