Is This Thing On?


That was a bit of a break, wasn’t it?

Just checking to see if any of you are still out there and if so – Hi ya! How ya been?

It’s been nine months since I last shared any thoughts with the public. I even thought about deleting the whole blog. But then I remembered how much I used to love writing.

I’m not sure what happened, but anyway…

Here I am. I’m back and well, a LOT has changed. Again.

For one,

Me in the hospital

About six weeks ago, I ended up in the hospital for nine days. I had acute pancreatitis caused by 56 gall stones, and an enlarged liver.


Let’s just say – KETO WAS NOT MY FRIEND.

That’s okay, moving on. Had the gall bladder removed and began making some serious lifestyle changes very quickly and in six weeks, I am down 20 pounds. Why all of the extreme changes? NAFLD. What is that? Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a condition in which excess fat is stored in your liver. This buildup of fat is not caused by heavy alcohol use. When heavy alcohol use causes fat to build up in the liver, this condition is called alcohol-associated liver disease. I just had a good-old fashioned fatty liver. Ugh.

What causes it? Poor lifestyle choices, which includes high fat and processed food.

Thank GOD I decided back in March or so to start working with a nutritionist by the name of Sue. We were slowly working on making some lifestyle changes. Slow as in I would give myself a B- in doing what is good and right.

Now that this has happened, I would give myself an A-.

So what have I done?

  • Cut out all soda or any carbonated drink
  • No beef
  • No pork
  • No fried food
  • Decrease in processed food
  • Whole foods

Not too shabby. I am pretty sure that my body will thank me for this years from now. 😉

Now that my attempt to write is back, I am sure you will hear a lot about how this is going.

What else is going on? Well…..

I got a new boss. All of the kids are in college and out of the house. Knock on wood – Tim and I are COVID free and both vaccinated and have our boosters. #TeamPfizer

I did, indeed, make some friends – FINALLY. I am serving on different boards and doing different things. Again, all of these things will be discussed in the coming months.

I’m back in the gym. I still haven’t found a church, but I am honestly not looking very hard since COVID.

I went on some pretty spectacular trips this year. All of which I will share later. And I guess the biggest news of all:


That will be a story all unto its self!

So stand by, strap in, and let’s try Destination Unknown – 3.0.

And by the way, Dorian says Hi!

Isn’t he gorgeous?

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