Living With Panic Disorder – Part 2

For part one, please visit the post right before this one. In that post, I touched a little on my personal history and experience with Panic Disorder. Today we will cover coping mechanisms. I think the one piece of advice I can give anyone is to find ways to change your focus. When you areContinue reading “Living With Panic Disorder – Part 2”

A Tale of a Mermaid with Anxiety

“I forgot who I was before the (space) suit, before gravity was ripped from my vocabulary and I mastered the art of drifting” ― Casey Renee Kiser, Way Out I did a thing. Or… perhaps I un-did a thing. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? This past July, a few friends and I made our wayContinue reading “A Tale of a Mermaid with Anxiety”