Celebrations During Covid

Yesterday, I shared how we figured out how to celebrate Tim’s 50th birthday a little over a month ago. It is possible during a pandemic, but not always easy. I’ve been invited to several celebrations over the past couple of months and for obvious reasons, I have had to decline. I’m just not a risk taker, especially when it comes to my health.

However, there were a few carefully calculated risks I took.

Well, it was family! My glamdaughter, Cotton, turned 5 years old! We gathered at my MIL’s home to celebrate. Her theme was Rainbow Sparkle! Check out that beautiful cake!

Her mom put so much work into the party. Cotton was thrilled to be celebrating her birthday and it seemed like she finally understood what all of the fuss was about. As soon as we walked into the house, she would ask, “Did you come to celebrate my birthday?” It was really cute.

Before I go any further – there is a HUGE update with Cotton’s little family unit. They are getting a house and moving out of Tim’s mom’s home. BIG happy surprise for them and the rest of is us!

To say Cotton is a little spoiled would be an understatement. She received costumes and mountains of toys.

A couple of weeks before Cotton’s birthday, I met up with a few friends (some of the same folks that were at my birthday party) and had cocktail hour at the Windsor in the Lobby.

We had nibbles and wine and talked about peace and change to our community. Big plans to make our county a peace certified community! Not an easy feat, but I am on board! Why? Because #peacematters & #kindnessmatters

Do you know who the lady is to my left? That’s Jeni Stepanek. She’s pretty cool. Want to know how cool?

Yep, that’s my friend Jeni.

Another great tiny get together was for my Rotary Club. It was our prize party, where basically\, everyone gets a prize! I won a $50 gift certificate to the Cantebury Kitchen. We gathered at my friend, Susan’s home.

Again, a small group of 5! We all got on zoom and had the party with the other small groups!

A few times during quarantine, Tim & I had happy hour with a few friends on ZOOM and once or twice we had a couple over to socially distance outside and sit by the fire at night.

Over all, we have found ways to still live our lives and come out of this corona-free!

How are you celebrating life’s little awesomes and staying safe at the same time?

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