Let Me Rock You, Chakra Khan

By now, most of you are familiar with chakras. And I am sure many of you, like me, have thought of it as a bunch a malarkey.

Well… I stand corrected.

During this pandemic, and specifically during the quaruntine, I decided to explore the chakras a little more closely. You see, when I went to Valdosta back in February for a conference, my friend and I decided to go see a psychic. Yes, I went to one of those houses that have a big sign out front that says, “Palm Reader.”

To be perfectly honest, I was not really into it. I went for my friend, who really believed in this sort of stuff. I just wanted to have a little fun and like always, I like to try new adventures. When we got there, I let my friend go first, so I was asked to sit in what I assume was the living room and just wait. I could hear the murmurs and some laughter, but for the most part, it was super quiet.

While waiting my turn, I looked around the room and saw a wide variety of things. Palm posters outlining your pathways and a big Buddha on the middle of the table. (I actually own that very same Buddha!) Then I noticed this wall with the rainbow colored chakras. Many, many years ago, when I first began studying meditation (in college,) I had this very thorough book on chakras. I remember thinking that it was just a little too “out there” and sometime over the years I must have donated it to a Goodwill. However, I was familiar enough to know what most of the different point were called.

Also while waiting, I decided to look this psychic up. I read the reviews then read her price point. Holy moly, am I in the wrong business! To have your chakras balanced or cleansed or whatever, it was around $600. What I was going for was a cool $60.

I finally got my chance and the psychic told me all of the things you would probably know by talking to me for a few minutes or looking at me. If she has an ounce of intuition like me, I could equally read her. She did tell me a few things that I thought, “Yeah, right.” But I went along with it and we left. My friend and I had a good laugh and that was the end of that.

Until it all came true. Seriously. Even the far out stuff.

Okay… made me rethink the whole thing… and those pesky little chakras.

I ended up ordering a great book on chakras called: Chakra Healing: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing Techniques That Balance the Chakras

This book was incredible! I was able to truly understand how they work and why things are the way they are. None of it was malarkey and none of it was hokey.

One of the main things I was trying to tackle was my panic disorder. If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I have lived with a panic disorder since I was eight years old. Getting the to the root of the problem is where I am now. I understand how to deal with it, but what were my triggers and what was the main cause. And I finally understood – My root chakra was blocked.

As I took time to work through some meditations I had from a different book, I was able to uncover some of those triggers and I now firmly believe that my need to feel safe & more importantly, secure, was out of whack.

So what did I do?

I bought some sage and I saged my house. Interested in how to do it?

Click here:


I also practiced some specific meditations and yoga poses that I learned in the book. And finally, I entered another world I always joked about: Crystals. Yes, those sparkly little rocks.

I’ll explore those more deeply later, but I did invest in some root chakra crystals.

I realize all of this seems a little strange, and yes, even I sort of scoffed at it for a while, but there is some good psychological benefits to some of this. For one, recognizing that fear and need to be safe and secure was key to understanding my triggers for a panic attack. Anything that appears to shake that in my world, will definitely set me off. So what if we call it the root chakra and assign a space in the body for it. It makes sense. Then when it comes to the crystals, I do believe in energy. Rocks are natural and contain energy (ever held a swinging quartz over a rock? You’ll be a believer.) What does it matter to have something that God made as a reminder to stay grounded?

I’m still learning and I am still exploring. I plan to share a little more about what I am learning in future posts. However, for today, I wanted to share with you a little about my new found chakra interests!

Tell me what you think in the comment section!

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One thought on “Let Me Rock You, Chakra Khan

  1. I love this post! A wonderful lady I worked with some years ago gave me two crystals and every time I touch them, to this day, my hand tingles. Another friend gave me a gold Angel wing and again, a tingle in the hand. On a trip to the beautiful White Isle of Ibiza, I bought a little stone at a hippie market which was hand painted with the words “Only Love is Real” which is the title of an amazing book by Dr Brian Weiss. I carry this stone with me everywhere, this stone also tingles in my hand. I totally believe in our Chakras and I often listen to a chakra balancing meditation if I feel a bit out of sorts. I love all these magical things, God sure made us beautifully complex and without doubt there is more to us than what meets the eye 😊


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